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Pre-School Swimming Lessons

Pre-School Swimming Lessons

Our pre-school swimming classes are kept small with lessons that focus on maintaining and growing water confidence, skills, safety and enjoyment.


During pre-school swimming lessons parents are not in the water with the children. This allows them to learn independence and grow confidence in the water by themselves.

Swimmers advance up the levels at their own rate with children of the same age, meaning they get to enjoy being in the water in a fun, stress-free environment.

Children learn through repetition, so our programme is repeated every 2 weeks. This allows the swimmers to gain a solid understanding of the skills covered each week and builds their self-confidence.

What to expect at Pre-School Swimming Lessons

Pre-School lessons are split into two levels. Swimmers will be placed in a class with others at a similar age and swimming ability.

Starfish: Focus on floating in the pool and building water confidence.

Seahorse: Focus on beginner arm movement and kicking techniques.

Pricing & Details

Age: 3 - 5 years
Cost: $17 per lesson
When: Mon-Sun during term time
Where: Baywave & Greerton
Length: 30 minutes

Note: Free assessment required for children who have had lessons previously, complete beginners start in our entry class.

Small Class Sizes
Stay & Play
Range of Class Times
Start Anytime

"We go to Baywave every week for my daughter's preschool swimming lesson. The Swim School there is great."

All our instructors follow a programme designed to create technical swimmers with good stamina. Children and adults learn through repetition, so we have programmes that are repeated, with small changes each week, until all the skills are achieved. We like to leave playtime as a reward for after the lesson.

BaySwim offers one replacement lesson per participant, per swim school Term, free of charge for unforeseen reasons such as illness or injury. Replacement lessons must occur within the same swim school Term and can be booked two days in advance, subject to availability.

Yes, under our supervision rules, all children under the age of 10 years need to wear a colour coded wrist band. Visit for more information on our supervision rules.

Yes. We recommend swimming caps for children over 3 years of age, as they remove the distraction of hair getting into faces and eyes when swimming. It also helps pool hygiene, and keeps swimmers comfortable by keeping water out of ears. We have great ranges of goggles and swimming caps available for purchase at our pools (you’ll also get a 10% discount).

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