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School-Age Swimming Lessons

School-Age Swimming Lessons

BaySwim school-age swimming lessons have a strong focus on developing correct swimming technique.


Classes include learning, and becoming adept at, all the different swimming strokes. Safety skills remain paramount in our child swimming lessons, along with growing confidence in the water.

Our swim school levels are set by ability rather than by age, with our staff highly trained to instruct and support every child’s development while learning to swim. Our swimmers progress when the skill criteria is met, meaning every child is treated as an individual within the class environment.

What to expect at School-Age Swimming Lessons

School-Age lessons are split into five levels. Swimmers will be placed in a class with others who have a similar swimming ability.

Turtles: Focus on freestyle and backstroke skills with boards.
Octopus: Focus on freestyle and backstroke skills and correct breathing technique.
Dolphins: Focus on freestyle and backstroke without board, butterfly kick and sit dives.
Sharks: Focus on freestyle and backstroke, butterfly kick, breaststroke with board and kneeling dive.
Pre-Squad: Pre-Squad is a beginner class for children who are 10 years and over. Focus on building stamina in freestyle and backstroke, breaststroke with board, butterfly kick and basic tumble turn.

Pricing & Details

Age: 5 years and over
Cost: $17 per lesson
When: Mon-Sun during term time
Where: Baywave
Length: 30-45 minutes

Small Class Sizes
Stay & Play
Range of Class Times
Start Anytime

"…The instructors are also amazing – they are patient and encouraging. The class sizes are small so kids can get the attention they need."

After two consecutive weeks of achieving the move up criteria for a level, the teacher will let the On Deck Supervisor know that you or your child are ready for the next level. You can then book the new level with our friendly reception team.

Yes if your child is 10 years or under. Our supervision rules require all children 10 years and under to wear a colour coded wrist band. Visit for more information on our supervision rules.

BaySwim offers one replacement lesson per participant, per swim school Term, free of charge for unforeseen reasons such as illness or injury. Replacement lessons must occur within the same swim school Term and can be booked two days in advance, subject to availability.

Yes. We recommend swimming caps for children over 3 years of age, as they remove the distraction of hair getting into faces and eyes when swimming. It also helps pool hygiene, and keeps swimmers comfortable by keeping water out of ears. We have great ranges of goggles and swimming caps available for purchase at our pools (you’ll also get a 10% discount).

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