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Sensory Swimming Lessons

Sensory Swimming Lessons

Sensory Swimming Lessons are one-on-one lessons held in a calm, tailored environment.


These 30-minute classes are run outside of mainstream hours, for children aged 3 to 15 years of age. They are run with teachers who are very familiar with the needs of sensory sensitive swimmers.

When lessons are running lights will be low, there will be no music, the resources used to teach will be simple and signage will be up asking for a quiet atmosphere.

Clear signs will be used by the swim teachers to communicate to students what is happening now, next, and later in the lesson. Our swim teachers will also be comfortable with creating a routine for children attending the classes.

What to expect at Sensory Swimming Lessons

Our Sensory Swimming Lessons are award winning, receiving the Swim School Innovation Award (1001-2000 students) by NZSCTA in 2020. The New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association (NZSCTA) recognises contributions and achievements in the swimming industry.

In these lessons swimmers can expect personalised tuition by highly-trained staff in a calm environment.

Pricing & Details

Age: 3 - 15 years
Cost: $35 per lesson
When: Friday afternoons during term time
Where: Baywave
Length: 30 minutes
Class Size: One-on-one

Tailored Environment
Stay & Play
Award Winning Format

"[Zach’s] now starting to become a good swimmer...With the individual attention and lack of distractions, yeah it’s been great."

Goggles and a swimming cap are not required for sensory swimming lessons.

Yes if your child is 10 years or under. Our supervision rules require all children 10 years and under to wear a colour coded wrist band. Visit for more information on our supervision rules.

BaySwim offers one replacement lesson per participant, per swim school Term, free of charge for unforeseen reasons such as illness or injury. Replacement lessons must occur within the same swim school Term and can be booked two days in advance, subject to availability.

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