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It's Never too Late to Start - Swimming Lessons for Adult Beginners

10 November 2021

Learning to swim and being safe in the water is important for all ages. Patricia is an adult who started swimming lessons several years ago because her Dragon Boat team requires all members to be able to swim 50m.

At the start of her swimming journey, Patricia struggled with confidence and couldn’t relax in the pool. Now she can swim three strokes and has come to love swimming, “I even went overseas and swam with my friends in the hotel pool – something I never would have done before.”

She credits the BaySwim instructors for encouraging her to persevere with her swimming journey and being continually supportive. “I class some of them as friends now – BaySwim teachers are exceptional.”

If you are an adult wanting to learn to swim or improve your confidence in the water, rest assured that our BaySwim teachers are trained to help you feel comfortable and supported in your lessons. Class sizes are kept small, and you will be in a group with others at the same level.

If you’d like to know more about lessons, follow Karlie’s adult swimming lesson journey here.

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