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Learning to Swim is a Priority for this Busy Family

8 November 2021

Fitting in extra activities during the week can be a challenge for busy families like Jasmine’s, but swimming lessons have always been a priority for her kids. Sienna (10) and Cooper (9) have been taking BaySwim lessons for the last five years. Although at different levels (Sienna in Squads and Cooper in the School Age programme) they are able to attend lessons on the same day of the week. Due to a busy timetable of winter sports, they only take lessons during the summer months but have still become confident swimmers through their BaySwim lessons.

Jasmine knew that she wanted her children to learn to swim from an early age so they would be able to fully enjoy family camping trips. Like many kiwi families, they enjoy heading out on the boat in summer and swimming at the beach and lake. BaySwim lessons have given Sienna and Cooper the water safety skills and confidence they need to have fun safely all year around.

As a Squad swimmer, Sienna is now expanding her swimming knowledge further and working on stamina and technique. She enjoys getting to swim with lots of friends who have moved up to Squads from School Age lessons together, and loves her instructor Fiona. Her mum likes that Squad lessons are “great fitness and helps her with her other sports without being competitive.” BaySwim Squad classes are a great option for children who want to keep extending themselves in the pool – whether as a stepping stone to competitive swimming or just as a fun form of exercise.

All BaySwim levels also receive age-appropriate water safety education throughout the year. Cooper recently learnt how to stay calm and float on his back if caught in a strong current. “If it happened to me, I would know what to do now” he says confidently.

If you’re not sure how swimming lessons will fit into your week, contact BaySwim to have a chat about different lesson options. Learning to swim is a crucial skill for kiwi kids and we can help you find the right fit for your family.

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