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Finding the Right Swimming Lesson Can Take Time - Why Private Lessons Might Work for Your Child

4 November 2021

Sometimes it takes a while to find the right fit for you or your child's swimming lessons. Victoria and her daughter Scarlett started attending Aquababes when Scarlett was six months old and did swimming lessons on and off for a few years. The group environment didn’t suit Scarlett’s needs, so they took a break from lessons for a while.

Scarlett’s Disability Access Membership gave them the opportunity to try private medical lessons, and this tailored one-to-one format proved to be a success. Scarlett now does a 30-minute private lesson each week (two 15-minute lessons back-to-back) and is making great progress. “It's like growing a plant, so much of the progress is happening below the soil and then suddenly all the activity busts out above ground, and that is what we have experienced this year with Scarlett.”

Improved confidence in the water and an increased ability to focus in her lessons are just some of the amazing skills Scarlett has developed in her lessons with BaySwim instructor Heidi. “We've had Heidi for nearly three years now and she is fantastic! She gets Scarlett, knows what mood she is in, knows when to push her and when to not, and tailors the lesson accordingly, she is amazing.”

Scarlett’s mum also loves being able to bring her daughter swimming for free outside of lessons as a BaySwim member. “The free access to [Baywave] and other Bay Venues pools is a fantastic bonus and certainly part of the decision to come to Baywave instead of other pools closer to home.” Additional time in the pool allows children to practice what they’ve learnt in class and enjoy playing in the water too.

Private swimming lessons let children learn in a one-on-one environment that is tailored specifically to meet their needs. If you feel that your child would benefit from individual tuition, enquire about private lessons with us today.

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