Bay Swim

Karlie's Swimming Journey: Week 10

6 October 2020

This was my last week of swimming lessons! I’ve completed 10 weeks of lessons and in that time have moved up two levels – I’ve never committed to something so consistently in my life… ask my poor gym membership.

I’ve had a great time with the BaySwim team and appreciate the support I received from Vesna this term – she’s a real gem!

If you have been following along with my journey, I hope I have encouraged you to give lessons a go! It’s never too late – you just need to commit and make the time. A term of lessons is just 5 hours of swimming in 10 weeks.

I started classes as I was scared of the water after being caught in a rip – I am yet to test out my new swimming skills in the ocean but my water confidence has dramatically improved. I now have the ability to get myself out of trouble if that were to happen again.

I’m still no majestic dolphin… which is why I will be enrolling in Term 1 lessons to build on my fitness and technique.

If you can’t commit to a term of lessons, or are time poor and really can’t squeeze half an hour of swimming into your week, why not try out a School Holiday Swimming Lesson? They are 15 minutes, one to one classes designed to fast track your swimming! You may love it and book in for Term 1 anyway.

This is me signing off – I hope I’ll see you at the pool or in my class in Term 1, 2021!

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