Bay Swim

Award-Winning Sensory Lessons Accelerate Student's Progress

28 September 2020

BaySwim’s award-winning sensory swim lessons are held in an environment tailored to meet the needs of those who struggle with the noise and distraction of a public pool. The lights are dimmed, the music is off, there are signs in place to reduce noise and the teaching resources are kept simple and calming.

BaySwim teachers who take sensory swim lessons receive additional training on how to conduct the lessons and communicate to children clearly what is happening now, next and later in
the lesson to reduce anxiety. And while the environment might be different to a normal lesson, the teaching goals are the same. The instructors aim to increase water safety and confidence as well as improving swimming skills.

12-year-old Zach Stuart takes part in Sensory Swim Lessons and his family have seen a real improvement in his swimming ability since he switched from School Age Lessons to Sensory Lessons. Zach’s father attributes his son’s progress to the “individual attention and lack of distractions” that he receives in sensory lessons. Learning to swim is important for all kiwi kids and sensory lessons make these skills available for as many children as possible in the Bay of Plenty.

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