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No Time During the Term for Swimming? Why School Holiday Lessons Might Work for You

29 October 2021

Evonne’s two children have been attending BaySwim lessons in the school holidays for a few years now and she has found that this option fits best for their family. Living far away from both BaySwim locations means that it is more convenient for them to attend lessons during the school holidays when life is less busy.

Both children were complete beginners when they started swimming lessons, but after several blocks of school holiday lessons they have progressed into “very confident swimmers who know what to do if they get into trouble in the water.”

Evonne feels that her children also thrive in their holiday lessons because they are well-rested and can learn continuously throughout the week.

One of the biggest changes Evonne has noticed is that her children “enjoy swimming much more and with great confidence since starting lessons”. She attributes this to the great relationships that BaySwim instructors have with their students. “The bond the teachers have with the children is amazing. They get to see lots of the same people every holiday.”

If you want your child to learn to swim but attending weekly swimming lessons just doesn’t fit into your current schedule, our School Holiday Lessons might be the right option for you.

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